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  • Manufacturing

    PromPlyPlast production capacity makes it possible to manufacture flexible containers of high quality of weight-carrying ability of 300 to 2000 kg.

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  • Production

    Big Bags are widely used for transportation of bulk cargos, powder materials, grainy, granulated,
    small-, middle- and large-sized materials.

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  • About company

    Competitive price and maximum quality of production
    at each stage of the production cycle.

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One loop Bags

One loop Big-Bag has one lifting loop made of the same polypropylene fabric as the container

Two loop Bags

Big Bag of ‘multipurpose’ type is the most economy model of a ‘tank top’ shape

U-panel Bags

Four-sling Big-Bag has four lifting loops sewn on the corners of the container

PP woven fabric

Polypropylene fabric is used for manufacturing bags, flexible containers, FDCI (carriage insert), as packaging, is used in agriculture

Flexible Disposable Carriage Insert

Carriage insert covers cargo in the gondola car, preventing any chemical reaction of the goods with the environment and humidification under precipitation

Multi-filament PP thread

It perfectly fits for sewing polypropylene, linen, paper bags, FIBC , FDCI. It fits for all types of industrial bag-sewing machines

PP Sling

Slings for the flexible containers are manufactured from filmy and multi-filament polypropylene
threads, weight carrying capacity varies from 1 ton to 2 tons.

PE insert

Is intended for protection of the cargo in the flexible container from the precipitation, interaction of the product with the environment, preserving salable condition of the transported product.

PromPolyPlast - Your reliable partner

PromPolyPlast - Your reliable partner. Our tare is used by many enterprises throughout Russia. We have close cooperation with the companies of the Central, Southern, Ural and Siberian regions. Production delivery from Yaroslavl to the cities and towns of the Russian Federation is carried out by the motor transport and railway. We have long-established business relationship with transport companies, which makes it possible to transport production in the quantities the customer needs. We provide the territory for our customers for parking motor transport, and if necessary the shipment can be carried out on weekend.

  • Packaging development "from scratch"
    Experienced production engineers will make
    calculation of the flexible container according to your product subject to packed density of your
    material, specificity of using FIBC, its storing and transportation.
  • Production of sample Big Bags for hands-on tests
  • Production delivery to the customer’s threshold