Производство 103

Flexible Disposable Carriage Insert

Flexible Disposable Carriage Insert (FDCI)

Carriage insert covers cargo in the gondola car, preventing any chemical reaction of the goods with the environment and humidification under precipitation (rain, snow).

FDCI is a bulk transportation type, which prevents and complicates unauthorized access to the goods from the open gondola car body.

FDCI is used for transportation and temporary storing (at the ambient temperature from -40C to +70C) of granulated, loose and lump goods, such as pellets, soda, lime, chalk, block, mineral fines, sulphur (industrial, granulated, lump), mineral fertilizers, salt, coke, coal.

FDCI is used as the additional protection of the flexible Big Bag containers from fray-through and other damages.

FDCI standard parameters:

  • Length – 1300 cm
  • Width – 320 cm
  • Loading height – 170 cm