Производство 102

PE insert

Polyethylene insert into a flexible container (Big Bag)

PE insert.Polyethylene insert is intended for protection of the cargo in the flexible container from the precipitation, interaction of the product with the environment, preserving salable condition of the transported product.

The insert is inserted into FIBC and tightened after loading of the product, proving the airtightness of the package. For higher protection an external polyethylene insert can be used, which is pulled on the loaded container.

The advantage of using the insert is the opportunity of storing filled Big Bags in the open-air storehouses.

Every insert type is developed and manufactured subject to characteristics of the flexible container and the transported goods.

Polyethylene insert into a flexible container (Big Bag) is manufactured of sleeve polyethylene high-pressure film (PE).

We have facility for manufacturing multi-layer heat-resistant insert, which is used for prepacking into FIBC at heightened temperature up to +130 °C.