Производство 101


PromPolyPlast Ltd. has a considerable stock of machine tools, which makes it possible to manufacture high quality flexible containers as industrial packaging for different products from 300 to 2000 kg.

Manufacturing of flexible containers is carried out on the imported machines and equipment.

The main raw material for Big Bag is primary granular polypropylene, which turns into polypropylene tape by means of extrusion, and after that polypropylene fabric is produced in roles on the circular looms. The fabric is being cut and sewed on specialized machines, which guarantee absolute reliability and airtightness of the seams.

Maximum waste-free utilization of raw materials has a great ecological significance.  All manufactured production is packed in packs from 50 to 500 pieces, which makes it possible for our customers to unload our production and to store it at their storehouses with more convenience and less costs.

Guarantee of success and demand for our tare is

  • Strict adhering to world standards and international regulations. Exceptional quality during manufacturing of flexible containers is guaranteed
  • Quality control system is introduced at all the stages of the manufacturing cycle
  • Quick calculation of Big Bags with non-standard characteristics
  • Production capacity that makes it possible to manufacture test samples of flexible containers
  • Timely delivery to our customers’ storehouse threshold

PromPolyPlast Ltd. includes

  • facilities (shopfloors)
  • storehouse complex
  • vehicle fleet for delivery
  • qualified personnel
  • professional knowledge and a wealth of experience in the sphere of flexible industrial packaging