Производство 102

About Us

The Company is well-established in the polypropylene industry in Russia. The enterprise is equipped with the modern equipment from the best European manufacturers for producing transport polypropylene containers. Modern management systems are introduced, which makes manufacturing of sack tare at short notice possible.

PromPolyPlast Ltd. is a production-and-commercial company.

Mission of the company

To meet the needs of the market in high-quality polypropylene packaging by applying individual, complex approach to every customer.

PromPolyPlast Ltd. is a fast-developing enterprise interested in every customer. We have a flexible approach according to the main cooperation parameters: PRICE, QUALITY, TERM, DELIVERY.

Goals and aims of the company

  • Long-term cooperation and loyal attitude to sack tare consumers
  • Aiming at leadership within the market of polypropylene packaging. Annual increasing of the market share in the Russian Federation and in the Near Abroad Countries (Blizhnee Zarubezhye)
  • To increase production volume by introducing new equipment, extending the range of transit pack
  • Introduction of new technologies for cutting of production costs and increasing the quality of flexible containers (FIBC).
  • Achieving of competitive price and maximum product quality at each stage of the manufacturing process
  • Aiming at complete and timely meeting the needs of every customer
  • Process approach in production and manufacturing of Big Bags, adhering to quality principles from the moment of purchasing raw materials to the moment of production delivery to the customer’s storehouse

Today we are ready to offer flexible containers of different characteristics for:

  • food industry
  • mining
  • metallurgy
  • processing industry
  • agriculture
  • chemical industry

Work with the regions 

Our tare is used by many enterprises throughout Russia. We have close cooperation with the companies of the Central, Southern, Ural and Siberian regions. Production delivery from Yaroslavl to the cities and towns of the Russian Federation is carried out by the motor transport and railway. We have long-established business relationship with transport companies, which makes it possible to transport production in the quantities the customer needs. We provide the territory for our customers for parking motor transport, and if necessary the shipment can be carried out on weekend.

We offer a complex of services:

  • Packaging development ‘from scratch’. Experienced production engineers will make calculation of the flexible container according to your product subject to packed density of your material, specificity of using FIBC, its storing and transportation.
  • Production of sample Big Bags for hands-on tests.
  • Production delivery to the customer’s threshold.