Производство 103


МКР 1,0Л4-1,0 ПП Q

Four-sling Q-Big-Bag has four lifting loops sewn on the container.

Special feature of such container is that the container has inner construction.

During loading such Flexible Container Disposable is not distended, the container acquires a shape of a cube, which makes the loading and transportation easier.
Optionally the container might be marked.

Please acquaint yourself with modifications of such flexible container:


Bottom size, cm85х8590х9095х95100х100
Plane sleeve width, cm 170 180 190      200
Diameter of the loaded container, cm 50-150 50-150 50-150 50-150
Loading height for this dimension type, cm (min-max) 0,6-2,0 0,6-2,3 0,7-2,8 0,8-3,0

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