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Flexible container (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container “FIBC bag”) – is a big volume and carrying capacity bag with slings.

One loop Bags

1 loop Big-Bag has one lifting loop made of the same polypropylene fabric as the container

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Two loops Bags

Big Bag of ‘multipurpose’ type is the most economy model of a ‘tank top’ shape

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U-panel Bags

Four-sling Big-Bag has four lifting loops sewn on the corners of the container

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PP woven fabric

Polypropylene fabric is used for manufacturing bags, flexible containers, FDCI (carriage insert), as packaging, is used in agriculture

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Flexible Disposable Carriage Insert

Carriage insert covers cargo in the gondola car, preventing any chemical reaction of the goods with the environment and humidification under precipitation

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Multi-filament PP thread

It perfectly fits for sewing polypropylene, linen, paper bags, FIBC , FDCI. It fits for all types of industrial bag-sewing machines

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PP Sling

Slings for the flexible containers are manufactured from filmy and multi-filament polypropylene threads, weight carrying capacity varies from 1 ton to 2 tons.

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PE insert

Is intended for protection of the cargo in the flexible container from the precipitation, interaction of the product with the environment, preserving salable condition of the transported product.

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Big Bags are widely used for transportation of powder materials, loose goods (flour, cement, concentrate), grainy materials (salt, sugar, grain), granular materials (mineral fertilizers, premixes, polypropylene, polyethylene, pellets, fuel granules), small-, middle- and large-sized materials (construction materials, ferroalloys, slags). Flexible disposable containers are not only convenient to transport, but also to keep production during a long time (at the temperature of environment from -50C up to +80C). Optionally Big Bags can be completed with polyethylene insert, polyethylene multi-layer heat-resistant inserts, which makes it possible to use our containers at temperatures up to +130C.

Main advantages of using Big Bags in comparison with another types of containers

  • convenience during loading and unloading and transportation within storage rooms
  • providing safety of the product (absence of scattering and dirtying)
  • environmental safety
  • can be stored in the open-air storehouse when made air- and waterproof 
  • low cost
  • adaptation to the product, packaging and loading equipment and transport
  • low weight of the container (at weight carrying capacity up to 2000 kg)
  • variety of constructional versions
  • can be recycled and repeatedly reused

We are ready to offer you a wide range of modifications in terms of number of layers and fabric density, construction, safety factor (SF):

  • 5:1 (one-time use) – Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (МКР)
  • 6:1 (can be used 2 to 5 times) – Flexible Sling Container (МКС)
  • 8:1 (can be used repeatedly) – Flexible Disposable Container (МКО)

All main (multipurpose) types of Big Bags are certified according to the State Standard of the Russian Federation (GOST)

The main characteristics of Big Bags are given in the formula:

МКР 1,0С2-1,0 ППР2 o/z

where, МКР – Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container with SF 5:1

1,0 – relative capacity, m3

С2 – 2 loops made of the same material as the container

1,0 – weight-carrying capacity, tonnes

ППР2 – polypropylene sleeve fabric, 2 layers

o/z – cover-free top, bottom – blind, of ‘star’ type

What are Big Bag containers for production manufacturers today?

  • Firstly, Big Bag differs from the usual bag in higher weight-carrying capacity 300-2000 kg (500 l to 2500 l)
  • Secondly, packing loose and granulated products in the flexible container is an opportunity to preserve original characteristics of the goods during all the stages of storage and delivery.
  • Thirdly, the manufacture always obtains a competitive advantage by applying a unique enterprise image (logotype and/or trade mark name) on the surface of the FIBC.
  • Fourthly, the price for the Big Bag containers is relatively low in comparison with the other types of containers, which gives an opportunity for mechanization of store handling, the containers are easily stacked and don’t occupy much room at return transportation (the containers can be reused).

These are the criteria that we’ve paid our attention to and we’ve done our best to offer our production which meets your requirements.